Survey Research and Exit Polling

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Partnering with Finkelstein in Revolutionizing Political Polling Worldwide

George Birnbaum, a founder of Oracle Advisory Group, worked as the only partner of world renowned international political pollster Arthur J. Finkelstein, who was known as one of the “founding fathers” of modern-day political survey research.

Mr. Birnbaum worked with Arthur Finkelstein on dozens of national elections around the world until Mr. Finkelstein passed away in 2017. Arthur and George worked side-by-side in dozens of countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East using survey research and exit polling to help elect over 20 different Presidents and Prime Ministers.

George has continued to work under Finkelstein’s unique survey methodology in elections across five continents.

Proven Results

These unique, time-proven, and proprietary techniques have been applied to hundreds of campaigns in the United States and dozens of national elections in over 40 countries around the world.

Mastering the Political Canvas: The Art and Science of Survey Research and Exit Polling Unveiled

Conducting accurate survey research and exit polling is both a science and an art. By developing unique survey methodologies, from how a question is phrased, to the order of the questions in the questionnaire and how to build the right “universe” of those being interviewed, Arthur Finkelstein became one of the leading and most successful political pollsters in history.

Beyond the survey methodology, Arthur Finkelstein also developed unique algorithms for processing the data that provided unique insight into voter behavior and intentions.

In addition to survey research, Arthur Finkelstein was hired by ABC News in the late 1960’s to help develop the methodologies for performing the most accurate and sophisticated “real-time” exit polls for the Presidential elections in the United States. Ever since, every major news organization continues to use these methods on election night throughout the country.

Empower Your Campaign with Proven Excellence!

Today, Oracle Advisory Group’s survey research and exit polling is led by George Birnbaum and continues to use with great effectiveness the all the methods and techniques developed by Arthur Finkelstein.